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calls from people who were at hopkins and the violence first broke out. police released the 91 calls when a man shot a doctor, his mother, and turned the gun on himself. we have the calls and the latest on the investigation. >> the calls are made by people very close by. they heard the gunshot in ran for safety aboard quite see heard a shot? >> yes. >> all are from patients or employees on the eighth floor of the hospitals building. fro>> has anyone been shot? >> i do not know. i work in physical therapy. we heard gunshots. >> it is a look at what went on during this friend moments when
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he shot dr. david cullen and later his mother and himself. >> we heard people shouting. >> we are continuing our part of the investigation. >> the hospital is being investigated. they are trying to determine whether crucial details or overlooked. >> that there is miscommunication between a family member or between staff? this is the things that hot and it is going to examine. >> students and staff told them it was someone back to normal. they used it as a teaching tool. >> not just in terms of talking to your patience, but also in terms of security around campus. how can we protect ourselves but also maintain integrity?
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>> you can hear the 9-1-1 call in their entirety on our website, fo>> we have some breaking news. police are investigating a deadly family fight involving an aunt and her niece. detectives say the injuries to the aunt were so bad she died at the hospital. police are still investigating. >> police are but a gating a triple stabbing on board the numbers 51 bus. -- investigating a triple stabbing on board the 51 bus. it is right near the mall. if i broke out on the bus. three people were left was tavewith stab wounds.
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>> there are officers here scheduled for their regular after-school duty. people on the bus or alerting the police. they were able to get the individuals off. >> two were taking to sign a hospital. the third was taken to john's hopkins hospital. >> police released a surveillance video to a identified the victim -- suspect in another stabbing. it is unclear what led up to the violence. officials are asking for your help to find a suspect. if you recognize it, you are urged to contact baltimore city police. officers say they were forced to shoot a pit bull lawmaking and the rest. we were over the scene at 5:30 p.m. tonight. the dow became aggressive war officers were taking the owner into custody. the dog is recovering. a 22-year-old ban is in critical
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condition after being hit by a car. he was on a bicycle. the accident is under investigation. >> officials with the department of defense a soldier from baltimore has died in iraq. he died from what they described as "non-combat related incident s." the bernstein will likely be the top prosecutor. he faces no republican candidates in the journal of election. this afternoon, patricia conceded the race. >> greg bernstein way to a large crowd of supporters to say thank
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you. >> because people of all races, ages, and economic groups are ready for a change. we are ready for a fresh approach to tackling the climate of violence in baltimore's neighborhoods. quite the campaign began two to go under the assumption that had no chance pitahaya -- two months ago under the assumption that he had no chance. he promises that the first thing they will note this is not transparent and accountable his office will be. >> iran because i believe public safety is one of our most important weapons. >> you is the top prosecutor for 15 years. she accepted defeat graciously.
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she is not one quietly into the night, but hshe is moving forward. she will soon be teaming up with 2300 churches. she will volunteers services for a project called "the fifth sunday." >> we have to begin to change individuals from the inside out. working with children and making sure that our children have every opportunity to be successful citizens and not grow up into cold-blooded killers who are continuing a cycle of violence. >> see change the crime-fighting focus from drug dealing to violent criminals for th. did an anti-gay initiative. >> i pledge i will administer the powers of my office to
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exercise discretion. quite he plans to be the public face of the officer then use a spokesperson. he hoped to restore faith many people lost in the criminal- justice system. >> despite six days of early voting opportunities, voter turnout and maryland's primary seems to be the lowest on record. the board of elections report it turned out to be about 24%. that is 2.4% during early voting in 21.6% on election day. montgomery county had the lowest turnout with only 18%. the board turn our records go back to 1982. what do you think? will the voter apathy give
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better or worse? is it a loss cause? lee comment on our facebook page. -- the comments on our face the page. a not guilty plea from the state senator kerrey. he appeared in federal court on charges of mail fraud and extortion. he is accused of illegally using his office to benefit a grocery store change. it is ordered to surrender his passport. for >> when is a share their testimony would jurors on what they saw the night can harris was killed. some even said they feared for their lives gary sims says the very latest.
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>> he not only had to talk about how frightened she was. she also had to explain differences in her testimony friday and past statements. they are charged with robbery and murder of kenneth harris you a shot -- who was shot. identifying suspects have been problematic. they believe they wore gloves to hide their fingerprints. they did not mention anything about the suspects having gloves on their hands. ? she specifically said if we found blood in your purse, which gave the years? she said, no. she never said it. she never said the perpetrators had gloves until a year later. >> prosecutors believe a security officer can identify gary collins.
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the defense asked her about a funny walking suspect. >> she made it clear that she saw the person entered the bar and then what all the way around. she told the police that this person had no particular limp or weird hit about his watch. she is very clear about that. on the stand, she forgot about that. >> she described her terror, saying, i was going to die. i thought i was going to die. she tried to remember everything. i had just been robbed. i was very upset. i learned somebody had gotten murdered. when police found her purse, they found bandanas that have been used in the robbery. >> i found it odd that they talk to her the morning after the alleged accident. the broader in for the sole purpose of going through the items of the purse. they talked about the gloves.
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they talked about issueshoes ner mentioned the bandanas. i want to know why they never asked her. >> coming up,e-readers are becoming more popular. when should you use them? one man was waiting for the best. he was driving. he can lose his job. rescuers had to be rescued from a horse rescue. lysimeters circling off nicely. we will see how they behave -- temperatures are cooling off nicely. we will see how they
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lindsay lohan has failed a court order drug tests. she can face another month in jail. in july, she was sentenced to 90 days in jail for a turn driving case. she is released after serving two weeks of that sentence on the conditions he would receive continued drug treatment. neither prosecutors nor her attorneys have commons. a bus driver makes is dry entertainment, using an e-reader on the job. it happened in portland, oregon. he was on interstate 5 when a passenger watched the driver pulled out and e-reader said it on the dashboard. he got out his cell phone and recorded the driver reading. but the driver is on administrative leave. for those of you let trouble getting high speed internet, it
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was announced by governor o'malley. the one and a $15 million grant makes the maryland department of fidelity bring high-speed internet to underserved businesses and homes all across the states. >> we must be connected to one another. we must be better connected to our customers. we must be better connected to our institutions, our businesses, our communities and colleges. it is to those connections that we fuel innovative economy. >> the money from the grant -- a suspect it will create 1600 new jobs. for over 20 years, they have been caring for neglected and six horses. they have been heaviest in sick and starving. yet to become a half-dozen came from west virginia.
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they came from a place that calls itself a rescue farm. >> the farm in western venue was supposed to be a horse rescue. the 53 horses there needed to be rescued. you can almost see it in their eyes, the pain and the neglect. >> if you live in their eyes coming you can tell they are hurting. it is the same thing with people. i think wiser the winnowed to the soul. -- the white -- the eyes are the windows to the sill. >> somewhere close to death. they are being cared for now. >> this is normally covered with flesh. it is basically like a skeleton. >> this way between 1000 and
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1,200 pounds. this probably weighs 750 at the most. >> they were brought here yesterday from what was supposed to be a horse rescue farm in west virginia. starting in dehydrated, six of those in the worst condition came here. >> we cannot be a hearing him and what an animal suffering without trying to do something about it. to the horses are gone ivs. they wondered if they would make it through the night. >> by the grace of god in a lot of prayers, they are standing today. they are doing better. >> despite the terrible conditions there and, today there is always hope that their kindness and care will make them better. but i am hopeful and optimistic. i'm glad we are here the. any any help the public can get
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to say these and any courses. >> there were some strong storms on the eastern shore. we ended up with the rain and the baltimore short. art temperatures if there are some low-60's. it is still a warm said they 2 degrees in cambridge. if you get inman far enough, it is yardy down to 66 degrees. 50 degrees starting up in carol
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and frederick county. we will go up into the upper- 30's and allegheny county ca high pressure is building in strong. that deliver a fantastic start to the weekend. two tornadoes touched down at the front went through. in queens yesterday. they did damage from th cold front is in the upper midwest. we did see some snow today in the rockies. that will reinforce our cold
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temperatures next week. it will probably not produce a lot in the way of participation there may be a sprinkle of rain. and get out side. it is a nice looking weekend. when should be in the south east. the temperatures are right around 75 degrees now. in western maryland, it will feel like fall. a high of about 75 degrees. issue the right to run the 80 degree mark. you could have some strong once around the sun a day. the rip currents because igor is moving toward the shore. all eyes will be upon igor as
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and is close to bermuda. is continuing to move in that direction is about five pfennigs 60 miles. you can see it go right to warn that island. by saturday afternoon or send evening, it give a passing. it begins to flow away. it is good news for us. it is bad news for folks in bermuda. 80 degrees in bermuda. of bird-7's on monday and tuesday. >> week three of high school football delivers the clean is it we have seen since ray lewis. the story is coming up next in sports.
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>> is an estimated $54 million for the led to begin may be a millionaire. 14 is followed by 27, 18, 4, 3. the mega ball number is 13.
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everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes.
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what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely. >> now 11 sports. >> high school ball divvied up this week. it is still a good schedule tonight t. it is quiet. it is a sluggish start. they pound their way in. it takes a 7-0 lead. the second quarter, a gorgeous pass but ther.
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made to second. here comes a scary moment burd. never saw it coming. the young man was able to leave it under his own power. he did not return to the game. there is plenty of power. he looked like he had a pick.
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jordan has been breaking of the long run. it is a domination of howard county. the engineers are doing a number. he has done left. 28 yards to the touchdown. they carell the kit. it goes 47 yards, weaving his way untouched. it is just like they to it up. for more, check out extra points. it is your home for the baltimore area.
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>> a tester for the ravens this week. they are talking now going on the road mari. it their way to the north side of. hillock awful in the opener. -- in looked awful in the opener. >> i have equally as much respect for the defense. he decided to get a two games last year. they did extremely well. we had opportunities. they are taking advantage. >> the orioles pick up a three game said. they are hoping to further their role.
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it is just one run. he is facing a day burnett. that is a really good sign. there are 19 home runs. we moved to the ninth. he is facing alex rodriguez. it is a home run in the game. two strikes count. twp pitches prior would be a strike in the same location. it is a fastball. it is gone. this is the difference. for-3 is your final. please, stay with us.a
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>> the week and is looking good for outdoor activities. the '50s again sunday morning. we could have a chance for a little more rain. >> i will wait till it is a decrease in the afternoon. >> you do that. have a good weekend parentho \
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tonight, jel

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